After more than 50 years of activity in the field of electrotechnics, Solar Plus is founded.

The company stands out for its seriousness, the quality of the work and the materials used, for this reason, Solar Plus is the official partner of the brands that offer the best products in the field of photovoltaics:  Mennekes®SunPower®SolarEdge® and sonnen®

Companies that require highly specialized and certified personnel for each installation.

One of the flagship products of Solar Plus is the Smart Power Roof service, a system consisting of a completely recyclable synthetic waterproofing sheath combined with a special fixing system for photovoltaic systems,  designed specifically to fulfill all the functions required by a building with low energy consumption (nzeb), resolving in a single solution and with a single interlocutor all the problems that are normally encountered when a cover is realized.

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