Storage batteries

Storage batteries

It often happens that those who buy a photovoltaic system does not use the electricity produced during the day, ending up buying it in the evening from the electricity grid. That is because most people go out during the day leaving the household appliances inactive, while photovoltaic panels produce energy that is not consumed.

A storage battery allows, instead, to store the energy produced in the hours of maxium efficiency to make it available when needed, especially at night, creating an energy self-consumption system.

Solar Plus S.r.l. is certified in the installation of storage batteries sonnenBatterie a high-tech storage system already tested by tens of thousands of residential users.

Not just a simple battery, but an energy storage solution for your home equipped with an intelligent system that manages: the control of remote controlled sockets, weather forecasts and intelligent management of charging cycles. Thanks to the chemistry of their Lifepo4 batteries (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate), the risk of a fire, in case of failure, is zero.

Sonnen batteries are modular and expandable at any time, thus adapting to every need. In addition, they can be installed on the floor, eliminating all the problems due to their wall mounting.

The certification has a duration of 10.000 cycles (approximately 20 years).

The Sonnen system allows you to control home appliances through a simple app that can be downloaded to your phone and to monitor the consumption of your photovoltaic system wherever you are and at any time. Purchasing a Sonnen battery, you have the opportunity to join the SonnenCommunity, that is to say, all the owners of a sonnenBatterie who find themselves in this way potentially interconnected with each other in a large virtual battery, completely replacing the previous electricity supplier to make you 100 % independent.

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